First Lost Tooth!

First Tooth!

And another one is wobbling … the Tooth Fairy’s going to be busy from now on!

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Dear All,

I do apologise for neglecting this blog. Now that Katy is at school I’m working part-time, three days a week, and going to the allotment when I can. Plus I write a fair bit on OD and PB, and – more rarely – on Google+. On top of that we still run the Maidstone Area Archaeological Group and I’m its Hon Sec, trustee, membership secretary, newsletter editor and webmistress, so have plenty to keep me busy when Katy is fast asleep!

We love our little girl so much: I feel very privileged to be her Mum.

I promise to write more posts here again whenever I can. I have changed my home email address but am happy to be contacted here. 

Happy New Year to you all! xxx

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Starting School

Starting School

Sorry for the delay; this was Katy’s first day at school and I meant to post it here last September but have only just got round to doing it, plus WP was telling me that my blog has been deleted – and I’m pleased to see that it hasn’t!

Katy is just over halfway through her Reception class year now, and has three lovely teachers and made friends with some nice classmates. She is very happy and enjoys all the activities. She loves to come home and act out role plays where she’s the teacher and we are the children – great fun for us all!

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A New Era Dawns

Just a quick update – we’ve now had our second induction day at Katy’s first Big School, which she will start in September. Being a ‘summer-born’ (what a lovely phrase!) and now four years old as at 3rd June, she’ll be starting in the third week, as the children have a phased start to their first term, with the oldest going first. At last week’s talk the Headteacher said that we were entering into a partnership with the school that will last for seven years. “It sounds like a long time”, he said, “but it will fly by”.

Aargh – don’t tell me that! The last four years have flashed past too quickly as it is; I don’t want anybody rushing me through the next seven! I want to enjoy every single moment of them!

We’ll be keeping on the volunteer gardener role at her current pre-school when she leaves, and might take on one at the school as well, as they welcome volunteers.

We had a look at it last year; it had a good Ofsted report and it seems to be a really nice school with a pleasant atmosphere, and I do hope that she will be happy there.

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First Ever Pony Ride!

Thought that you might like to see a picture of Katy’s first ever pony ride – we’ll be taking her again; she loved it! The pony’s name is Fifi:


I was hoping to be able to give you another photo but the Upload button has vanished … Maybe I’m only allowed to post one picture per post?

And the title (First Ever Pony Ride) is not showing on my screen either – what’s going on here?!

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Happy Pre-School Bunny

Well, Katy’s been at pre-school for just over a week now, and she loves it. She always says “I don’t want to go; I want to stay at home”, but then when we’re there she – usually – trots off and gives me a little wave as she goes to join her friends.

Some days, though, like today, I have to hand her over to her Key Worker or another member of staff, because she can be a bit clingy. I wasn’t really surprised today, because something had woken her at 3am, and she didn’t get back to sleep again until nearly 5am. Tuesdays are an early start at pre-school, and it’s also the longest day of the week for her. She goes for the following sessions:

Monday : 3pm – 6pm

Tuesday : 8.45am – 3pm

Wednesday – no school!!

Thursday : 8.45am – 11 45am

Friday : 12 – 3pm

We’ve kept Wednesdays clear because it’s the last year in which we can all have a day out together during the week in term time, because as from next September she will be at Big School, and we’ll be restricted to weekends and school holidays.

So we’re making the most of our time with her, while at the same time giving her the chance to play with other children and adults in an interesting and stimulating environment. Today she came home singing about little bunnies that go hop, hop, hop!

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She Melted My Heart!

Had to share this with you; earlier Katy came up to me and said “I’m a bit tired … I want to go to sleep in Mummy’s arms …” (and then she did)


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