A Bit of a Mixture

Just a quick post to say that Katy is enjoying her two after-school clubs; athletics one day and dancing on another.

I’ll get the sad news over with here – my lovely Dad died in October; quite suddenly and unexpectedly. There’s so much I could say but don’t know where to start and end, so will just say that I couldn’t have wished for a better Dad, and miss him very much.

It looks as though my part-time contract at work is going to be renewed, which is good news – but has the downside that I have gracefully withdrawn from volunteering at our local SureStart Centre as their gardener. We’ve been there doing the planting, etc. with the children for the last three years, but now our CRB check needs renewal and as it will cost them £60 for each of us and they had some new volunteers who could give them more hours a week than I could, now that I’m back at work, it seems only fair to let someone else have a go. It was with some sadness that I came out of the gate on that final day, though, having planted the winter-flowering pansies in the planters at the front of the building and tidying up the herbs. I took Katy there to the clinic for her weighing sessions from when she was just a week old until the clinic moved to another school nearby; she had three hours a week in the nursery when she was two and then her pre-school year was there too. All the staff are lovely and I shall miss them – though I’m sure they’ll be happy to see K at their summer fair.

Her main passion at the moment is drawing and writing books. She said that when she grows up she would either like to be an art teacher or a Disney animator … watch this space!





About Linda Weeks

About my life with the daughter I thought I'd never have - but I did, thanks to a wonderful anonymous egg donor, to whom I will be forever grateful. xx
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