Christening Photos

Two years ago today, by day not date, our Katy was given to me as an embryo.  I didn’t tell you then, because it seemed like tempting Fate to let you all know what was happening.  It’s a day that will always stay in my mind.  In fact the whole long weekend will – on the Friday I went to Canterbury to pick up my copies of my MA Dissertation from the bindery and then to the University to hand them in.  On Saturday I joined my Dad in town collecting for his RAF Association, and during that day I had to phone the embryologist to see whether or not the embryos would be ready to transplant.  The only decent place where I could get a good signal on my phone was in the back of Boots the Chemist among all the baby items!  Sometimes I find myself standing in the same spot while out shopping with K, and remember.  The embryologist said that they were ready but gave me the chance to wait until they had formed into blastocysts, and I was so pleased because that’s what I’d wanted at the last two clinics at our IVF attempts but wasn’t allowed to have that option.  So we agreed that we’d go up on Monday for two of them to be implanted. 
Sunday was spent in a bit of a daze, counting the hours.  We went to London as a couple, and came back home as a foursome, though sadly her brother/sister didn’t survive beyond the first eight weeks of the pregnancy.    Every time I see K playing on her own or with other children I imagine her mirror image playing with her and imagine them chatting together and racing each other – yes, and probably arguing over who has which toy! Smile
He/she is always in my mind, and I so wish that we had them both.  I have room in my heart and in my arms for two.
And so to mark the anniversary I attach a few photos of our bonnie lassie’s Christening.  It would have been lovely if our donor and her family could have been there with us to share the day, but she was there in everyone’s thoughts, and will always be in ours.
Note the half-eaten Jammie Dodger that K is clutching!
This is the same Church where R had his Christening, so it seemed appropriate that his daughter was Christened here too.

And here we are back home, with Little Missy dozing after all the excitement before waking up to join in the party!

And lastly, some of the cakes that we had.  The small heart-shaped one in the middle at the back is the top layer of our wedding cake, that we saved for all those years for this very occasion.  To have thrown it away would have been like giving up all hope, and I just couldn’t do it.  I had re-iced it by painting over the original with a paintbrush dipped in new icing, and it still has the original yellow and blue flowers on it, and the two little ammonites made out of blue icing that were on it (we chose those because of our geological interests), but we didn’t think that it would be edible!  Still here it is, fulfilling its purpose, joining in and being part of the celebrations, as it was always meant to:

This was another day to remember!

About Linda Weeks

About my life with the daughter I thought I'd never have - but I did, thanks to a wonderful anonymous egg donor, to whom I will be forever grateful. xx
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2 Responses to Christening Photos

  1. Sharon says:

    ahhh Linda it\’s amazing news, thanks for sharing your story with us….I have filled up with tears for you, joyful ones of course. I have followed your story and we have wrote one another a few times…..over the years…..oh i\’m so pleased for you both….Love and best wishes to you and your family…shaz…xxx

  2. Sharon says:

    Sorryto hear about the baby that didn\’t make it…..and your arms can keep a firm hold of miss K and keep her safe….You have a marvelous blessing…just keep hold of her, watch her every move she will grow up so quickly….it\’s been a fantastic journey you have taken us on linda…….and i have listened intently through the good times and the bad….but this ending beats the lot….love to you all especially miss K……shaz xxx

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