I might have a listen to the phone-in on "Listen Again" if I get time today; I’ve recovered from the barracking I got yesterday.  Maybe it didn’t come across on the air as badly as it seemed to me.

In some ways I’d like them to interview me again – I’m just so annoyed with myself because I could have said much better things if I’d been prepared.  In answer to their age-discriminatory questions I could have told them about my ex-boss; she’s nearly 70 but since she retired she cycles every year through India and Asia (sometimes on her own) raising funds for charity.  She could certainly cope with a recalcitrant teenager!  I could have mentioned my penfriend’s mum in the USA who, at 80, came to pick us up from the airport in her snazzy white and black convertible Thunderbird sports car and holds down several committee jobs, and as far as I know at the age of 88 still does.  If she’d had her daughter at 55 she still be a credit to her when her daughter was aged 25-30; she lives on her own and is a burden to nobody.  I could have mentioned Henry Allingham, who died recently at the age of 114, or was it 116?

I could have said that last time I checked the internet to see medical statistics relating to age-related maternal problems, a medical journal stated that it was women under 20 in the UK who are most at risk from birth-related maternal deaths, and make up the majority of the statistics, not women over 40.

I could have said that 127 people over the age of 70 completed the 2009 London Marathon.

I could also have said not that all donors should be anonymous, but that I think that donors should have a choice as to whether or not they want to be anonymous.

I could have answered in sweetness and light, not in a huffy way while trying to stop Missy going out of the study and up the stairs by shutting the door, which made her cry in frustration, and then picking her up with one hand because she came to beg to sit on my lap, while still batting off their inane questions.

Still, never mind – it’s done now; and we can all think of just the right thing to say, hours after we’ve said the wrong thing, can’t we?!



About Linda Weeks

About my life with the daughter I thought I'd never have - but I did, thanks to a wonderful anonymous egg donor, to whom I will be forever grateful. xx
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