Baby Plasters

Now that K has had her last batch of immunisations for a while – no more until next June, thank goodness – I thought I’d write to Elastoplast with a request asking them to consider making some low-tack plasters for babies.  The nurse uses little round waterproof plasters after injecting K, and they stick so well that getting them off afterwards is difficult even when I use soap and warm water.  They leave red rings and sticky residue on her skin for about 3 days afterwards.


So on my trip into town with a friend I scoured the shops for low-tack plasters for babies ready for her 16-week 3 injections, but no sales person or pharmacist had ever heard of anything like that.  Even the plasters for children were too big and not low-tack.  The best I could do was buy ordinary Boots hypoallergenic plasters and cut them down to a smaller size.  They were better, but still pulled her skin when I took them off, and this time I had to do it three times over three injection sites.
These plasters don’t have to stay on for long, and babies don’t do manual work or washing up or gardening so the glue on the plaster doesn’t have to be strong enough to cope with things that adults do.  A bit like the difference between superglue and post-it glue – the plasters for babies’ injections only needs to be sticky enough to stay on for a short time to ensure that the injection site has stopped bleeding.  Our nurse said that I could take them off at any time after we got home.
So I asked whether they could produce a range of Baby Plasters to be used after immunisation injections by June 2009, when K has more immunisations.  They could call the range Immunoplast or Babyplast or something so that customers would know that they’d bought the right sort for their babies.

They replied:

“Thank you for your e-mail regarding our Elastoplast range.

It is always helpful to receive comments and suggestions from our customers. I have passed a copy of your email to the Brand Manager concerned, as customer feedback is very important to us when planning for the future.

Thank you for taking the time and trouble in contacting us.”

Well “Them’s as don’t ask don’t get”, so it was worth a try – they might not bother, but you never know.  So if you do see this new range in the shops, remember that it was my idea (I should have asked for Royalties – 1% of every pack sold should be enough to retire on!!)


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