Innoculations and Excursion

Hi, I’m still here, life has just been a bit hectic lately and K has been rather clingy of late since she had the first of her innoculations on Monday.

Well I know that it’s for her own good of course but I felt like a traitor all the same, strapping this laughing little bundle into her pushchair and wheeling her off to the surgery.  She had to see the doctor first and he weighed and measured her (9lbs 3ozs) and checked her heart and lungs.  Then back to the waiting room until our name was called.  K was flapping about and laughing, but a toddler and a baby a bit older than K had gone in before us and I could hear one scream after another followed by copious crying.  When we were called I left the buggy in the waiting room; I’d had too much trouble getting it in and out of the doctor’s door and patients coming the other way had had to flatten themselves against the wall as we went past.

I’d read somewhere that if you breastfeed the baby while it’s having the jabs they won’t feel it so much.  I mentioned this to the nurse and she said she hadn’t heard of it but I was welcome to give it a try, so I did.  Poor K!  She started sucking eagerly and the nurse told me to hold her leg steady.  K didn’t notice.  Then the needle went in, and although she didn’t let go she made a "nnnnnggggg" sound, her face went red and then the whole of her head.  Luckily the needle was in and out quite quickly and I felt relieved.

Then the second needle had to go into the other thigh, so I changed her round.  This time the needle seemed to be in there for ever.  Again her face and head went bright red and she made her "nnnnnggggg" sound but this time combined with a muffled high-pitched scream, and it was heartbreaking – I felt terrible!  At last it was over and K carried on feeding, rather desperately.  The nurse said she’d make our next appointment for 4 weeks time there and then to save me having to make it at Reception on the way out (probably in case I chose not to!!) and then said – "Well, that experiment worked".  "Did it?" I said, feeling slightly wobbly; "It obviously still hurt her."  "Yes", said nursie, "but if you hadn’t done that she’d be screaming now".

So I tottered out and I mentioned it to the two other Mums waiting to take their babies in, and they both said they’d give it a try.  One had taken her partner with her and he said he wasn’t going to go in because he didn’t want their baby to think that he was the Bad Guy – he was going to stay in the waiting room and be the Good Guy with the cuddles when it was all over!

The nurse had recommended infant Calpol so I got some on the way home and when her temperature rose just gave her slightly under the recommended dose because she’s still a bit on the small side.  K was fractious all day and when she did sleep she suddenly started crying in her sleep and I had to wake her up to comfort her.  I cuddled her for the rest of the day and all day Tuesday, and was hardly able to put her down.  Tuesday night though we gave her a nice bath and took her plasters off, and she woke up on Wednesday morning laughing, to our great relief.  I’m the one with PTSD as I keep replaying it in my head!  We have to do it again in 4 weeks time, then 4 weeks after that and thankfully not again until next June.

Tuesday we trundled down to the bank to pay in the cheque from the Daily Mail article; once it’s cleared R and I will go up to the hospital and write a cheque to give it to their Baby Unit so that they can buy some equipment in K’s name.  Wednesday MIL came round and yesterday my folks did.

Anyway, our Experimental Excursion was today.  I decided that it was time we did something a bit different so I wheeled her to the Children’s Centre near us.  Honestly, the pavements are atrocious!  Holes and lumps and uneven bits – K was soon asleep but kept being jolted awake and her head rolled from side to side however carefully and slowly I went.  She does have a head rest but it isn’t enough, so next time I’m going to make sure that her head is well wedged in with blankets or something.

Anyway, I’ve signed her up for the next Baby Massage class; I don’t know when that will be but they’re going to let me know.  They’ll be on Tuesday afternoons, and then there’s an Under-Ones Club on Thursday mornings, and we can just turn up to that without having to join or book.  That will get us out and about twice a week at least.

Afterwards I decided to go to the shopping parade.  When we saw our nieces last weekend they had some little windmills that were free with a comic, and only recently I’d asked R to look out for one in the pound shop near to his workplace, which unfortunately had gone.  You know the sort; multicoloured windmills on a stick that you can get for sandcastles at the seaside, and I wanted to fix one to the handle of the pushchair to keep K amused as we go about, when she’s awake that is.  The ones on the comic weren’t that sort but were smaller and of hard plastic and one colour, but they still whirred round happily when we blew on them and would have been ideal.  Sadly though the paper shop didn’t have any left.  However I was able to buy some cards for some upcoming occasions, so that was good.

I then went into the chemist for some new shampoo to give my hair extra shine, and some Bio-Oil that promises to even out uneven skin tone.  I wanted to see whether or not that included freckles, because I’ve always had some but seem to have acquired lots since I became pregnant!  I was next in the queue but the place where I had to stand with the pushchair meant that I was to one side of the counter, and staff kept coming in and going out so I had to move.  At one time there were 3 people in the pharmacy dealing with the requests of the customer in front of me, and there was nobody on the counter.  Meanwhile other people kept coming behind the first person where I couldn’t get to.  After I’d stood there for what seemed like 10 minutes but was probably less, a fourth person joined the queue on the other side and I gave up, put the things back and backed out.  I’ll try another time!

I didn’t attempt the mini-mart because I know that the aisles are very cramped and narrow.  Then I went to the baker’s, bumping the buggy over the step.  While I was at the Children’s Centre I’d picked up a leaflet on food to eat while breastfeeding – I guessed that it probably doesn’t recommend cream buns so before I read it I bought a London cheesecake to have at lunchtime, and two fresh cream Belgian buns so that we can each have one for tea.

There’s a community centre ‘shop’ on the parade with internet facilities; they run coach trips from there and also have a cafe which I’d never had time to try out before, but today now that I’m a Mum on maternity leave I thought I’d give it a try.  I bumped the buggy over the step and asked for a coffee and cheese & onion toastie.  I meant cheese & tomato, but it was nice anyway!  However it was a bit of a mistake.  Until then K had been blissfully asleep, only waking dreamily once in the chemist when a recorded voice advertised something or other.  However, this centre had tiled floors and scraping chairs and an echo that magnified sound.  It was practically empty, and I dread to think what it would have been like when full.  There were only 4 other adults in there and 2 children, but the toastie took so long to come that I’d finished my coffee before it did, and while I was waiting for it the noise was enough to wake K so that I had to start feeding her with her ’emergency’ bottle.  The door also made a big electronic "BLOOOOOP" noise whenever it was opened or shut, and the 2 children were boys of about 3 years old who were playing a chasing game.

Still, the coffee and toastie were nice, especially as I’d skipped breakfast so that we could make an early start.  The Charity Shop was open – it sells everything but clothes, and I thought that maybe there’d be a mobile that I could dangle over K’s Moses basket to keep her happy in it.  However, there were only two, of unidentifiable fluffy animals, and they all looked rather chewed and unhygenic, so I declined.  I fell in love – temporarily – with a realistic-looking rocking horse for 25 quid, but when I touched it it wobbled alarmingly from side to side as well as from back to front.  I couldn’t have carried it home anyway, and thinking about it I won’t suggest that R and I go back tomorrow for it, because K’s nursery has quite a lot of furniture in it already, and though there’d be room for it now, our sister-in-law is donating her youngest girl’s cotbed to us in a couple of weeks’ time.  And if I want R to consider us having a second baby, I don’t want him worrying that there won’t be room in the nursery for two children!  (There’s method in my madness, you see.)

I decided to come home a different way, but the paths were only slightly better if I didn’t mind having to come through a litter-strewn alleyway that is only just wide enough for a buggy and one person coming the other way.  K was well awake by now so I had to stop and give her some more food, but owing to the state of the paths she soon brought it all up again.  So now she’s on my lap as I type, wide awake!  Never mind, I’ve had some exercise and we’ve both had some fresh air.

Must go – I’ve promised to proofread a friend’s dissertation for his MA, and he’s hoping to put the final touches to it this weekend.  It’s 48 pages long and I’m only about a third of the way through it yet.  He’ll understand if I can’t do it because of "Mummy Things", but I’d like to do my best!

Toodle Pip for now!


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About my life with the daughter I thought I'd never have - but I did, thanks to a wonderful anonymous egg donor, to whom I will be forever grateful. xx
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