Went out shopping for flooring – whoopee!  Gosh, what a ghastly lack of choices –


We went to a couple of carpet places to look for vinyl flooring for the hall, shower room and bathroom.  Honestly – the designs are so Unimaginative!  There is one for the bathroom that will do, because I like the look of it, but they don’t have it in the colour I’d like.  They have it in black, and in turquoise, but most of the ‘decor’ is royal blue, and do they have it in that?  Nah!  They only have what’s on display.  It’s fun though, as it looks as though hundreds of water bubbles have been splashed all over it.


So though it wasn’t the right one, at least that was settled, after about an hour of searching.  The others, though – I can’t believe that two shops with probably hundreds of samples have such uninspiring ranges.  There was truly nothing that took our fancy.  Most of the samples were laminate-wood-effect vinyl, so that probably accounted for two-thirds of the stock, and we didn’t want that.  Then there was a majority of tile-effect ones, which might have been ok if they’d been in decent choice of colours.  But no – depressingly dull browns, yukky dingy orangey-reds, dirty-looking greys, plain with flecks in that looked like a windscreen full of squashed flies – just ‘orrible!  


The shower room that we inherited has grey marble-effect tiles all over the walls, floor to ceiling, interspersed with huge, flamboyant pinky-red flowers with green and gold leaves, which I never liked and I have covered them up with pictures wherever possible.  However, the design is repeated all round the mirror in smaller tiles which I can’t cover up, so the previous owners put a red fluffy carpet on the floor.  Red actually suits the room quite well, but the carpet is rather yukky and really needs to go.


There were probably about 6 sheets of vinyl samples that had reasonable designs on them, but not in the right sort of colour!  There was a grey one with a small diamond in it, which was a dull green – but they didn’t have a bright green, and they didn’t have it in red or blue, no just that colour.  There was something else that was vivid lime green, just the sort of colour that you don’t want to see if you’re already feeling ill.  There were a couple of others in squares that might have approximated to terracotta, which might have done, but they were pitted with black and had been given a ‘distressed’ look, which distressed me!


We eventually decided on some for the bathroom (not the right colour), the hallway (not quite what we were looking for) and the shower room (not quite the right shade).  Such a lack of imagination on the part of the design companies.  I was prepared for R to say that I was being too fussy, but even he couldn’t find anything that he vaguely liked for a while.


Eventually we decided on black and white for the hall – but not the one we liked best, because that wasn’t non-slip of course.  Instead we chose the non-slip version for practicality, even though the black squares in it have white pretend marble lines through them and the white has grey pretend marble lines, which we didn’t really like.


Then we found a reasonable red with darker bits in; OK, but not the cherry red that we’d been looking for but a dull orangey-red, but it will have to do.


If there’s anyone who has ambitions to be a designer of something, PLEASE make it vinyl flooring! 


About Linda Weeks

About my life with the daughter I thought I'd never have - but I did, thanks to a wonderful anonymous egg donor, to whom I will be forever grateful. xx
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