I’m off this week, using up some annual leave, so it’s been nice to have some time at home.  Went shopping in the afternoon, called on Mum & Dad, then to the vet to pick up Diesel’s tablets and both cats’ back-of-neck flea/worm treatment, then in to work because I forgot to leave something for someone (can’t keep away!) then back home for tea.


Yesterday we had an Event.  R looked out of the window and saw a kitten trying to push its way through the gaps in the criss-cross fence between us and next door.  They have about 7 cats and kittens, and we assumed that it was one of theirs that had got out and couldn’t find its way back.  So I nipped out and helped it over the top.


I glanced up to see them waving at me and they came out to say that it wasn’t one of theirs.  It had a collar on and was very friendly.  We watched it for a minute to see whether it made Purposeful Strides back towards its home – but it didn’t, it came back to us.  The neighbours doubted that it was anyone’s who lived on their side; there are only a few houses there and the people aren’t cat people.


Therefore it was more likely that it belonged on our side, which has lots more houses on it, had got out and was just exploring.  So they popped it back over the fence, and sure enough it trotted back with Purposeful Strides.  We relaxed, thinking that it was now going home.  But it stopped at the corner of the second house along, turned round and ran back to us.  I knew that it didn’t belong to my immediate neighbours or the house next to them.


It definitely looked lost and wanted some company.  It was beginning to get dark so the kindly cat neighbours said that they’d look after it and R and I made some adverts and posted them all along our street through letterboxes, up the next street and in the dentist’s surgery, and also asked people we met whether they knew of anyone who had or might have lost a black and white kitten.  It was an unneutered male (you could tell), probably about a year old.



About Linda Weeks

About my life with the daughter I thought I'd never have - but I did, thanks to a wonderful anonymous egg donor, to whom I will be forever grateful. xx
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