Well that was very therapeutic!


We went up to the allotment this morning; R planted all the potatoes and I planted some beetroot seeds and some spinach seeds, and shallots.  Also I cleared up a patch where last year’s nasturtiums were.

You haven’t had allotment news for a while, have you, so this must be a treat for you, too?!  We also picked some rhubarb and then did some shopping for his Mum who should be coming home on Monday.


We ran out of Growmore though, so after we’d come home and had lunch R bought some more and popped back up to sprinkle some on the remaining 3 rows and then heaped them up, and cleared another patch of ground, while I lazed about watching a Bette Davis film!


Both of us feel very virtuous now that we’ve made a start, and especially R and his heroic digging – just about the worst job of the year, planting potatoes.  Well, the most strenuous, probably, except maybe for lugging the bags of horse manure about when they’re delivered.  The weather’s meant to be bad tomorrow with snow, so it was good that we had a nice day today and could get something done.


I spent a couple of hours putting some spare tiny polystyrene balls into one of our ‘cubes’; they make good footrests and catrests and are good to sit on, too, but when I made them I made one slightly smaller than the other because I wasn’t sure what height would be most comfortable. 


I recently found the bag of spare balls and decided to plump up the small one, because it was a bit too squishy.  Ha ha!  I had forgotten just how static those balls are, and how far across the carpet they can ping themselves!  Oh what fun, especially when the home-made funnel I was using (made out of an old envelope) had enough and decided to come out of the hole – balls everywhere!  It took me about another half hour to clear them all up, and I had to get every last one, because of the cats.  Of course Bubbles decided to walk through them before I could stop her, so I had to get balls out of the fur between her toes; she was not amused.


But the cube is much more comfortable now.


About Linda Weeks

About my life with the daughter I thought I'd never have - but I did, thanks to a wonderful anonymous egg donor, to whom I will be forever grateful. xx
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