Took R’s Mum to Asda today.  We don’t go there often so I was shocked – I thought that they were one of the most humane and ‘green’ stores!?  I saw a display of cauliflowers and, being near a big cauli-producing area of Kent that is facing hard times, I thought I’d support them by buying one.  They’re suffering – and some are having to close down – because greedy supermarkets are paying them less for each one than it costs them to produce, and no grower can live sustainably like that.  Besides which, the grower has to pay 20p for the obligatory plastic bag that the supermarkets want to sell them in!


But I looked on the bag and it said that the cauliflower was from – Cornwall.  Nothing wrong with Cornish cauliflowers, and I’m sure that it was lovely, but it’s come miles and miles and miles, whereas our local suppliers are probably half an hour’s drive away.  Huh!

On my list I had some free range turkey slices.  It’s only so that I can hide Diesel’s hyperthyroidism pill in them and he’ll eat it; we don’t really eat it ourselves except when I do the Christmas dinner.


And they didn’t have ANY free range turkey at all.  There wasn’t even a “sorry, we’ve sold out”, but when I asked whether they had some they just said no, but they had this premier turkey, which was very good apparently.  Ah, but had it had a good life or a miserable life, I wondered?  So I declined their offer and didn’t buy any.  D had enough to last for a couple of days until I could get back to Morrisons.

Then further round I saw rows of bacon.  R likes a bacon and onion roll and I hadn’t made him one for ages simply because Morrisons don’t stock the bacon with the little English tractor flag on it.  And guess what?  Neither do Asda!  I was sure that they did; I’m positive that I’ve bought some there before, but definitely none on sale today, just poor anonymous slices of bacon with no guarantee that they’d had a decent life either.


I thought that these places were more enlightened these days – but obviously not.  Our country thinks that it’s civilised, but most of it still has a long way to go.


About Linda Weeks

About my life with the daughter I thought I'd never have - but I did, thanks to a wonderful anonymous egg donor, to whom I will be forever grateful. xx
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