Poor R came home from work and I still hadn’t managed to freshen the house, so he was a bit taken aback at the smell.  I’d got used to it but when I came back in from outside I could tell how strong it still was!


Still, we both accepted that if it worked then it would all be worth it.  At my first visit back to the doctor she checked my tongue and my eyes, took my pulse and asked me how I was feeling.  She said that the herbs were beginning to clean my blood.

It seemed like a good start.


The boiling and ‘airing’ went on every evening for the next two weeks, until I hit on an idea.  Usually R was out at some stage over the weekend, doing something in the garden, looking at bookshops, visiting his folks etc.  So I would boil up a whole week’s worth in one go, measure it into airtight bottles and then seal them and put them in a cool place, then fumigate the house.  That was so much easier!  I felt as though I had my life back again, because I wasn’t boiling and airing every night, I just had to do that once a week and dispose of the bits and clean everything, then all I had to do was come home and drink that day’s drink.


At the next visit I asked whether it was OK to do that or whether it would lessen the effectiveness of the herbs.  Oh yes, that was fine, she said, prescribing me another seven bags, as long as I kept them in a cool dark place, as I was doing.


I recognised a couple of other people from a previous visit.  One man collected some straightforward pills!  All right for some, I thought!


Never mind; let it never be said that I was half-hearted about anything if this is how it had to be for us, then this is how it would be.  Not only that, but if it worked and I was told that I’d have to take them for the next 9 months and then stand on my head in a corner all night I would have done that, too!


About Linda Weeks

About my life with the daughter I thought I'd never have - but I did, thanks to a wonderful anonymous egg donor, to whom I will be forever grateful. xx
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