Hello, to anyone who knows me!  And to those of you who have been with me from the beginning.  I can tell you that things are progressing with our Quest, and we will tell you if/when we have some Good News, but at the moment I don’t want to tempt Fate, so all I’m giving you is the day to day stuff.


However, just to keep your interest a bit longer, here is one of the other Things That I Tried Next.

One year a new shop opened in our High Street, called Chinese Herbs.  I had read articles on infertility some time previously when taking a course of Chinese Herbs had helped some couples to conceive, and suddenly having this shop appear in the middle of town only a bus ride away from work was wonderful!  I thought – not for the first time – maybe THIS is it, then; maybe this is The Thing That Will Work.


I asked at the counter whether or not they had herbs that could help infertile couples, and was told yes.  I had to make an appointment to see the consultant doctor, and came out feeling rejuvenated and happy.  R agreed with my trying this, albeit rather reluctantly; he was pleased that he wouldn’t have to take any of the herbs though.  At last, this was something positive again!  The feeling buoyed me up all week until I had the appointment.  It took about an hour.  The doctor was a woman who took details of all my medical history, and paid particular attention to the long infertility trail and failed IVFs.  I mentioned the investigations and operations etc and mentioned the fibroid and the scar tissue which had blocked one fallopian tube, only giving us 6 chances a year instead of 12. 


I said that I was convinced that I had achieved a pregnancy with the second IVF attempt which detached before the first two weeks were up.  I said that I thought that the problem might be that my uterus was somehow hostile, or at the least not receptive, to any embryo trying to implant.  I asked her whether she had any herbs that might improve the lining of the uterus so that it would be more ‘welcoming’ and receptive.

She nodded and said yes.  Then she examined my eyes and my tongue and took my pulse, and wrote out a prescription for a week’s worth of herbs that I would have to boil each day and drink twice a day when cold.  I had been hoping for pills, but never mind, perhaps the traditional methods would be better.


She said that I would have to agree in advance to continue with the medicine for five months, and go back every week for a checkup and another prescription.  Each week’s worth of herbs would cost £35; i.e. £5 per day.  You can work out how much I spent over that 5 months; it would be easy enough for me to do, but I never have and I’m not going to!  I just don’t want to know, and just push it to the back of my mind.


I agreed, of course – because maybe this was The Thing That Would Work.  There were several people in the waiting room as I stood watching in fascinated horror as the counter assistant went to several huge jars of herbs and shovelled some of the contents into a big brown paper bag.  I wondered what ailments all the other people were there with, and what their cures would involve.


The assistant weighed some of my ingredients and counted others, all with a plastic-gloved hand.  Most of them looked like brown leaves of various kinds.  I hoped that they were all herbal and vegetable, and that there was nothing animal in there.


About Linda Weeks

About my life with the daughter I thought I'd never have - but I did, thanks to a wonderful anonymous egg donor, to whom I will be forever grateful. xx
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  1. Sharon says:

    A big hello to both of you,
    Thought i would just pop into your space for a while, and catch up……..chinese herbs are supposed to be good for you….as in any herblist products…..hope they work for you…..but they all take time to take effect.
    Love and best wishes…..Simply sweet shaz..xxxx

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