What a night!  I was awake for most of the night and had about 3 hours’ sleep if that.  What a day!  Cats won’t eat their pills.  R has an awful cough and cold so stayed at home, I walked in to work and meant to leave at 4pm but had a phone call at 10 to 4 from someone who desperately needed info and I had to send 3 e-mails before I finally left at 20 past 5.  I had to call in at Morrisons and got home to find that Bubbles had been sick on the bedroom floor.


I made R a coffee, cleared up the mess, he came downstairs for something to eat.


Last night I sat and sorted out the straight edges from a new 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle of a steam engine that Mum & Dad had bought us for Christmas.  I thought that if R felt up to it he could start putting it together.  I had left the straight edges in the lid and the rest in the base of the box.  Just as I came downstairs from clearing up the mess Bubbles jumped straight onto the table, stepped in the box and did a wee!  All over the jigsaw pieces!


I washed them all quickly in soapy water and then rinsed them and have spread some out to dry on kitchen roll, but some of the picture has peeled away from about 50 pieces at least.  I think that it’s doomed and will just have to go into the recycling.  They’re nowhere near dry yet and I still have about half of them that need to be spread out.


Then I noticed that Bubbles had somehow managed to get a lump of blue soap stuck in her fur so I had to brush that out.

Diesel keeps crying for food but only eats a little bit and walks away, then a short while later he’s crying again for more, but doesn’t want what’s on offer.  He doesn’t want to play and has now asked me to open the back door for him to let him out, so I thought that the cat flap must be shut, but no, it is open.


Good job I love every little hair on them!


About Linda Weeks

About my life with the daughter I thought I'd never have - but I did, thanks to a wonderful anonymous egg donor, to whom I will be forever grateful. xx
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