Had a busy day at work and then a marathon ironing and soapfest evening.  Went to bed at 11pm, just settled down and – “YoooOOOoooWWWWOoooLLLLL” guess what?  Diesel and a strange BIG cat were having a snarling battle on the flat roof.  Bubbles leapt up and dashed downstairs.  I opened the window and called him in.  He glanced at me but the other cat advanced and they both went back to swearing at each other again.  Then they disappeared.


I dashed downstairs in my nightie to find that R was already outside.  We both tried calling him in but all we could hear was the snarling.  Then a series of galloping thuds and they were back on the flat roof again.


R filled the water pistol and I galloped back upstairs, threw the window open to the freezing cold night, pulled the trigger and – nothing.  The spring must have gone.  I kept trying, but no water came out and I just had to feebly tip some into my hand and throw it at them.  Meanwhile the cats were grappling, rolling and over.  I was about to try and climb out of the window to separate them, knowing that I’d probably get ripped to shreds but couldn’t just stand there and do nothing, and suddenly they separated; I think that I had reached the target with a handful of water.  It stared at me and jumped down one side of the fence and Diesel came down the other and hurtled in, and rushed straight underneath a chair to hide.


Then I saw the blood – coming from his right eye and dripping down the side of his nose.


So, on the phone to the emergency vet, who said that it would be £88 plus treatment, and asked if we could get him there by 11.45pm, which we could and did.  We couldn’t not – if his eyeball had been scratched he could have lost his sight by the time we got him to our own vet tomorrow.  I got dressed again and we arrived and dealt with the admin and were soon seen.  Diesel was very quiet, most unlike him – shock, probably – and trembling.


To cut a long story short the vet was brilliant, gave him a good check, anaesthetic drops, cream, something that would show a scratch under ultraviolet light, and luckily there was no damage to the eyeball but to the inner lid.


He gave him two antibiotic shots and I have tablets to give him, two twice a day for five days, and cream to put in his eye twice a day for five days.


Back home at 12.30 to fall fast asleep, only to be woken by a faint and pitiful mewing.  Downstairs I go, to find that he’s sitting on top of the kitchen worktop staring between the catflap and his food.  The catflap is locked, but he could still see through it and probably thought that the other cat was Still Out There.


So I put some cardboard into the flap so that he couldn’t see out, then stood between it and his food while he ate his supper, then he trotted off to his crunchy cube and went back to sleep, as did I, at last!



About Linda Weeks

About my life with the daughter I thought I'd never have - but I did, thanks to a wonderful anonymous egg donor, to whom I will be forever grateful. xx
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