Dropped Mum and Dad off at their Christmas Do, and then delivered the computers and went to Rochester for a few hours and had some lunch.  Picked Mum and Dad up, dropped them home, went home and then back to PC World.  We were able to collect them both just before they shut at 8pm, BUT!!!  I had foolishly left the screen protector inside the laptop where it lives, naively thinking that it would come back with it.  So what didn’t I do?  I didn’t check.  And when we got home and I opened it up – GONE.


We also weren’t given its case back but had to ask for it and found that it was under the engineer’s desk.  If only I had opened the laptop for a quick check!  He probably just cast it aside, did his work, snapped the case shut and put it back onto the trolley. Drat and double drat.  I’m going to e-mail them in a minute and ask for it back.  HONESTLY!


Not only that but we had to buy Norton 2008, so our 2007 is still in its box unopened.  But they did at least install it onto both computers.  Unfortunately, they also cast aside the instruction booklet, I suppose because they don’t need it, but we might!  So they gave us the box back but it only has a disk and a couple of bits of blurb in it.


So I’ll have to ask for that in my e-mail as well.


Plus, I now find that it has lost all my registrations and passwords to all my sites, so I’m going to have to try and remember them all or, as in this case, ask for them to be resent to me or reset completely.  What a palava!  And I used to have something that automatically connected me to the internet and now it’s been taken off.  I’m always moaning, aren’t I!  It’s good to know that it has been serviced and defragged, I know – and it’s a good job that it is only once a year.


We learn something every time we go – last year we learned not to take the computer in for its healthcheck on a Saturday in December!  This year we have learned to check EVERYTHING, or better still not take it in the first place if we don’t think that it is vital to the engineer’s work.


Still, at least they got rid of the useless Norton 360 as well, I don’t think that I could have stood going through all that again, so that alone was work all the £8.99 that I’ve paid each month for the last year.


Anyway, we put all the cables back into the computer and switched the power on to check that it could still see the internet.  No power.  Unplugged it, tried again.  No power.  R took the fuse out; it is a 10amp one, which neither of us had ever seen before so we didn’t have a spare.  R drove to the nearest supermarket which stays open until 10pm.  I phoned the call centre to report the fact that although we’d just had it serviced it wouldn’t work.


They suggested that it could be the fuse and I said that R had gone to get one but we didn’t think that the supermarket would have a 10amp so probably wouldn’t be able to get one to try it until tomorrow (today), and that I just wanted to report it at the earliest opportunity.  I was feeling a bit weary by then I have to say.


Then he suggested that I removed all the cables, including the power lead, held in the ON button for 30 seconds, put the power lead and switch it on again.  And do you know – it WORKED!!!!  Wow, it was amazing, as my USA penfriend would say.  It sounded really ropey at first, so I did it again, and now it is purring along nicely like a little happy pussycat.


Apparently, he said, sometimes static builds up inside and stops the power switch from working, so doing that will discharge the static and it’s fine.  I was most impressed and thanked him for all his help.  Then phoned R, who had by then realised that there were no 10amp fuses to be had (even for ready money!) and was about to come home.


So all’s well that ended well – except that now I have to send this e-mail and ask for our bits back.


There’s always something, isn’t there?


I have today off work today as my plan was to go into town before the schoolchildren are off to do some present shopping – but now have to wait in for the plumber, who (I hope) is going to find and repair the leaky central heating water pipe that is dripping through the ceiling in the shower room.


There’s always something, isn’t there?


Oh, did I just say that already?  Open-mouthed


About Linda Weeks

About my life with the daughter I thought I'd never have - but I did, thanks to a wonderful anonymous egg donor, to whom I will be forever grateful. xx
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