I didn’t want to get up today.  It was dark, I was tired, I wanted to carry on sleeping in the nice warm bed.  But Diesel was hungry for his breakfast, and when he’s hungry everybody knows about it!  And the alarm went off just after his piercing miaow, and the heating whoomphed into life, so I was up and downstairs in order to start the day.


And the day went in a blur of e-mails and post and library books, and I left while it was still daylight as I had some cards and parcels to post.  Thank goodness for flexitime!  I don’t usually procrastinate as I’m the sort of person who likes to Do It Now, whatever It might be.  But when it comes to sending cards and parcels to our American friends, somehow I always dither and leave it too late so that I have to send them all Air Mail, therefore costing a small fortune, rather than get everything sorted out so that I can post Christmas things in October and send them by cheaper surface mail.


Last year I took everything to the Post Office only to find that on that particular day of the week they shut early – but today I couldn’t remember which day of the week it was, so had to take a chance.  I trudged up there with them, and luckily their early closing day wasn’t Monday and they took them off me and stamped them all up, so all is well; tomorrow they’ll be on their way and should be there well in time.


About Linda Weeks

About my life with the daughter I thought I'd never have - but I did, thanks to a wonderful anonymous egg donor, to whom I will be forever grateful. xx
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3 Responses to 232

  1. Cosmic says:

    Hi Linda!
    It\’s me…. thanks for the emails today.  Feel happier now I\’m not lurking.  My blog is at Open Diary and my ID there is Cosmic The Cat. 
    Bye for now E x

  2. Cosmic says:

    Hi Linda,
    Are you ok?  Thought I would drop you a note as I haven\’t seen an update for a few days.  I expect you\’re mad busy with Christmas.  Anyway, bye for now xxx

  3. Cosmic says:

    It\’s me again – ignore the above.  Hadn\’t clicked on the right bit xxx

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