I have successfully booked the computer in for its free annual service checkup, and that was the easy job.  I have totally unsuccessfully tried to book a plumber to come and look at a leaky pipe – we don’t know where it’s leaking from, but it’s dripping through an artexed board attached to the downstairs shower room ceiling.


The first one I tried spoke to me as though I should have known that he mainly fits bathrooms and kitchens, and was fitting somebody’s kitchen there and then, and he isn’t the sort of bloke to start a job and then leave it halfway through to go and do something else, and the soonest he can get to us is possibly Monday, and do the floorboards need to come up because that will be a big job?


I didn’t say that if he had replied to the two messages I’d left on his answerphones this morning to let me know I would not have bothered him a third time but could have gone through the Yellow Pages to look for another one.


I did say that I wouldn’t dream of asking him to abandon his client in a half-installed kitchen, and yes something tells me that Peering Underneath Floorboards is going to form part of the diagnosis, and he tells me that the earliest he can get to us is now probably Tuesday, and I told him not to worry about it and that I would do some investigation of my own.


Ha ha!  That will keep me busy, methinks.  I just have to go and do some experiments with taps etc and have a look in the boiler cupboard to see whether there is anything adrift.  Wish me luck!


Why are plumbers and electricians so hard to get hold of?  Are they not being trained in these skills at school any more, like they used to be?  They can charge a fortune and we pay it because we have no choice; we need them.


This is not an emergency but it is very annoying and is gradually ruining the artexed panel, separating it from its sides, and so it will have to come off, be replaced and re-artexted.


Happy Friday!  Oh – and it’s the last day of November as well; eek, where’s the year going?


About Linda Weeks

About my life with the daughter I thought I'd never have - but I did, thanks to a wonderful anonymous egg donor, to whom I will be forever grateful. xx
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