Hello David, if you’ve read this far!  Thank you for contacting me about the first part of my blog; I hope that the link to this part works, as I’m not sure what exactly you see and how it works for anyone who isn’t me.  As soon as I log in the site knows that it’s me and therefore gives me my editing pages where I can add new things, and I don’t see what anyone else does, so don’t know how it looks.  Hope that this link started you off in January 2007 so that you can catch up with the rest of the news – such as it is!


I stayed on at work until it was almost dark tonight, and then as luck would have it a friend saw me trudging up the road and very kindly offered me a lift, so I have been able to arrive home at a time not much later than usual, which was good because I checked our archaeological group e-mail and found that there were several things that needed my attention as Hon. Sec.


Then the cats decided to wake up and chase each other, and I’ve just been to give them their tea which I hope will slow them down a bit.  Diesel is the younger and more aggressive one, and Bubbles his Mum is older and more delicate and is usually the victim, but I have seen her tease him by hiding and then rushing out past him at lightning speed, lying down and wiggling her tail – which is tipped with white like a lantern – under his nose, and sitting in a chair and swatting him as he goes by.  She will also hide and pounce too, so I think that it’s six of one and half a dozen of the other.  It’s just that, being a big boy, he can usually hurt her more than she hurts him, though they both have a good swipe.

In their first days with us it was sweet to see them side by side, while they were exploring the house and uncertain of us, because they took comfort from being with each other and used each other for protection against the unknown.  Now they know that the house and garden is all theirs to command, and we are their slaves, so they can do whatever they like!!  Well not quite whatever, we do set some boundaries, but they are certainly confident in their domain now.  Which, really, is good, considering that we know nothing about their previous life except that Diesel suffered some kind of “face trauma” when he was a kitten and his jaw is still broken and will never heal, because it wasn’t fixed at the time.


Also both of them are very nervous of quickly moving feet, and if they catch sight of the back of a hand they flatten themselves against the floor, even if we’re only going to stroke them and haven’t got our hands opened out fully so they see the more of the inside first.  They are also very wary of sitting on our laps, and in the 2 and a half years since we’ve had them I think that each has only done it three or four times – and for about 10 seconds before they panic and jump off again.  We can only guess that they were ill-treated, but we’ll never really know.


Anyway, now they’ve gone out I’ve sprayed some rose air freshener – it should really be Dog Rose essence diluted with water, which I keep reading has an instantly-calming effect on cats, but do you think that I can get my hands on any?  Probably the phials have all been snapped up since the article appeared in a magazine!  Still it’s worth a try.


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About my life with the daughter I thought I'd never have - but I did, thanks to a wonderful anonymous egg donor, to whom I will be forever grateful. xx
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