Still, it was good to have a break, and even better to go back to work knowing that some of my cupboards were all sorted and tidy, ready for the year ahead!  Life would be much easier now, not quite so much rummaging for things when people asked for them.


After I’d been back for about two weeks I met the husband of ‘the other couple’ in the corridor.  He asked me how I was, after the Christmas dinner.  I said that I was fine, and  asked him how he and his wife were, and whether they had been upset.  He said that they had, but threw themselves into the game.  I apologised for not joining in and he said that was OK!


I told him that in fact I was used to hearing that sort of news now because my neighbours announced the same thing at the New Year, and I’ve had other friends announce their happy events too.  Some of you who have been with me in this blog for some time might remember the week when I was on my own as R was away, thought I might be pregnant but found out that I definitely wasn’t on the day that my three best friends were due to come for a meal.  I decided to forget my woes and enjoy the day with them.  And then one announced that she had some Happy News!  So, these things are happening to me all the time, as they happen to all infertile couples of course; we’re not alone. 


He looked somewhat relieved, and then said that actually, they hadn’t known it at the time, but his wife was indeed also pregnant that day, and they found out for certain a couple of days later.  They’d had such a great – though cautiously happy – Christmas and New Year at long last after all their trials, all the waiting.


I was, of course, happy for them both, and wished them all well.


So, I was not to be the third one, then.


About Linda Weeks

About my life with the daughter I thought I'd never have - but I did, thanks to a wonderful anonymous egg donor, to whom I will be forever grateful. xx
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