Had a good day today; some of our Archaeological Group met someone who is working on a Historic Environment Record database, and we’ve volunteered to help.  We’ve been given various maps of different parishes showing monuments, finds, houses, buildings etc. and have some records with details on.  Our part in the work is to check the accuracy of the information and add to it wherever possible, and then add a summary of each description so that the records can go online in March 2008.  A nice little winter project that will be, as the dig finishes tomorrow for this year’s season.


Christmas that last year passed in a whirl of having family come to us for Christmas Day and then we visited everyone in turn.  R and I went in to work on the days between Christmas and the New Year so that we could catch up a bit; him on his programming and me on a particular aspect of my library work that I could never get to during the year because the volume of customers would make it impossible.  As soon as I spread anything out on a table somebody would either want to use the things I was sorting out or would want to use the table!


It was lovely being able to empty filing cabinets full of stuff, for example, and spread everything over all the tables, sort it out, put it into some kind of order, catalogue it and then rearrange it in the cabinet again, so that I was set up for the year.  One of those little anoraky jobs that I love to do, and allow myself to do it as a special annual treat. Smile


Some years it was rearranging various items in bookcases – for example one year I had about half a dozen shelves just named “Management”, but in those there were several books on Leadership, Time Management, Management of Change, Personnel Management etc.  So I found all those and made them into their own sections, which meant a complete reshuffle of all the books in order to fit in the new categories.  I had great fun!


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About my life with the daughter I thought I'd never have - but I did, thanks to a wonderful anonymous egg donor, to whom I will be forever grateful. xx
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