And it’s the last day of June.  I have 55 weeks left in which to become a mother.  Does it sound like a long time to you?  I started this blog 49 weeks ago, so in three weeks’ time, when I’m 55, I’ll be on the Final Countdown.

I made my Pageflakes page last night – it is great!  Am really looking forward to using it.

Cleaned the house this morning, made lunch and then we went shopping.  I was really lucky – have you seen those jute bags in Tesco with ladybirds on them?  Well I’ve been looking for one for ages; an assistant told me last month that they do still get them in, but they’re snapped up almost immediately.  Well, we’d gone through the checkout and finished loading up when I noticed, under one of the chairs by the windows, one of the bags!  It was just lying there with a handle broken, at least not the handle but the stitches had broken so it was not attached on one side, and with no price tag on it (though I think that they’re only 69p or something like that).  I couldn’t believe my luck.  I took it to the Customer Service desk, and asked whether I could have it.  They said yes, I could have it for nothing!!  Hooray!  So I just have to sew it back on and I’ll have me ladybird bag!

A fatalist would say that the reason why I was never able to buy one like everyone else all the time I was looking for one was because this bag needed me to rescue it and give it a life, rather than being thrown away.

I’ve had to go back in to work to be part of a team that was called in to deal with an incident, and am now home again.  The only thing is that about half an hour ago I had a black coffee to keep me going, so now I’m wide awake; still that’s no bad thing as I’m now about to check our Archaeology Group account, as the front screen tells me that there are 5 new e-mails in it.


About Linda Weeks

About my life with the daughter I thought I'd never have - but I did, thanks to a wonderful anonymous egg donor, to whom I will be forever grateful. xx
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