We were told that all five eggs had fertilised and were now 2-cell embryos!  We could hardly believe it, but it was true!  We were told to go up the next day for the transfer; I was a bit dubious because they’d only be 4 cells big by then and, well, that seemed a bit small and fragile….. I’d have preferred them to have divided again, so that they were 8 cells big and a bit stronger.

But, tomorrow it had to be, so I had to quash my fears and we looked forward to the next part of our ‘adventure’.  Three to implant and two to freeze!!

My interview with Hannah Pool was printed in today’s Guardian, in the G2 section, and she has done an amazing job of condensing everything that I’d rambled on about into something coherent and factual!

Went to see my Mum and Dad with a copy of it after work, and some other bits and bobs.  Strange to walk to their home that had been my home for so many years; past the same gardens, some really neat and others dilapidated.  Past the school that my brother attended; round the corner where there used to be a beautiful shiny black cat called Suki – sadly gone, some years ago now – who used to sit on the hedge when school time was over, so that all the children would stroke her on the head as they passed by (we all loved to do that, and she loved having it done; purr purr!).

Into Mum & Dad’s gate, to be welcomed by both.

Lovely to be out of the biting wind and into their warm hallway and living room; putting on my slippers that I keep in their shoebox, with Mum chatting about everything while Dad makes cups of tea and puts some fig rolls on a plate….

Precious moments to treasure. How lovely it was to be their child again, not the infertile 54-year-old woman, not the organiser of conferences, not this that and everything else – just me; Lou, as they have called me for just about the whole of my life.  (Lindy-Lou)  How lucky I am that I still have them both.

We’re always children to our parents, aren’t we, however old we are?!

All too soon I had to leave them and the nice cocoon!


About Linda Weeks

About my life with the daughter I thought I'd never have - but I did, thanks to a wonderful anonymous egg donor, to whom I will be forever grateful. xx
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