Weightwatchers today – my scales 12 stone exactly, their scales said 12 stone 5lbs.  They were pleased because I’d apparently lost 4lbs since last Saturday, but in real terms (as I put on 3 last week) it means that I’ve only lost 1lb over two weeks.  So, good but not great.

Went to see R’s Mum because she’s had a horrible cold all week and was feeling a bit down; when we arrived she was trying to unblock a drain with a mop on a stick.  Luckily she has an insurance policy so R rang them up, they rang a drain unblocker and luckily again he was only two roads away and had just finished another job, so was with us in a jiffy, about 10 minutes. 

He was a cheerful lad, working on his own, but very efficient and personable, and had a good friendly manner.  I found it hard to imagine anybody wanting to go into that sort of profession, but as we said in discussion it was a vital job, one of those like electrics, gas and plumbing that we take for granted and never thing about – until something goes wrong.

He took up the inspection covers and did the biz with the high-pressure hose and all the pipes are now as good as the day they were first laid, about 50 years ago.

We’ve brought her back with us for the day, so she’s been able to watch me make a hoolie of doing these curtains!  There are six of them; two for the window and one for the door, in two different colourways.

I’m not too bad really but I’m no seamstress either.  I’m more of a bungler.  I’d had to estimate how long they needed to be until I could arrange for the curtain rail to be fitted, and made them in the meantime – only to find out too late that the rail had to go slightly higher up which meant that they were too short.  So I’ve had to add about four inches at the top, only I didn’t have enough material, and got one colour OK but the shop had to order the other.  And then I discovered that I only thought I had extra lining but didn’t, so had to wait until my next trip into town to go and buy some more.  And now I have everything so no excuse!  It will be nice to see them up by Christmas; I will persevere.

My school needlework teacher has died this year; she wasn’t really old at all so it was sad for her family, though I never met her again after I left.  When I was at school she terrified me!

Whenever I’m tacking or using my sewing machine she’s with me still, looking over my shoulder, scornfully telling me that it’s rubbish and that I must unpick it all and start over again.  We were made to unpick machine stitching with our fingers; no needle, scissors or sharp gadget to help.  Imagine that; 14-year-old fingers that were clumsy at the best of times trying to get unforgiving hard cotton out of a soft open-weaved green material and zip just because I couldn’t get it the stitches straight.

And that was only because there was only one machine with a ‘zip foot’ and only a few chosen ones were allowed to use it, so whenever I got to the part with the handle on it I always had to move it and hence the wobble.

By the time I’d done it to her satisfaction, some weeks later, the edges had frayed away so much that it no longer fitted me.

Funny how these ghastly memories stay with us, isn’t it!  I always remember it, every time I now put a zip in.  And I recall other similar moments now when I’m crawling about on the floor pinning and tacking.  Especially when I remove stitches with a gadget, scissors or needle!  Oh the joys of being grown up!

But she was right; I try very hard, and always achieve something serviceable, but I am really useless at it.

And what was I doing several years ago, after reading of this Assisted Hatching for embryos?  So I contacted the HFEA once more to ask for their latest list of fertility clinics in the UK so that we could apply for this new technique.

I wrote the letter, stamped it and posted it with new hope in my heart.


About Linda Weeks

About my life with the daughter I thought I'd never have - but I did, thanks to a wonderful anonymous egg donor, to whom I will be forever grateful. xx
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